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Our Services

  • General Contracting
    As your general contractor Mid American Construction will bring our expertise of building coordination to a project and supervise and organize the construction entire process. We will hire individuals or companies with specialized expertise to carry out each part of the construction process.We will determine the best way to get workers and supplies to the job site and supervise the process to make sure the work being done is in accordance...
  • Construction Management
    As a construction manager Mid American Construction will participate in the development of construction projects by overseeing the organization budgeting, scheduling and of the projects. Mid American Construction will work closely with architects, engineers, and other specialists....
  • Design / Build
    Let the Design-Build process be an efficient method of completing a building contract by placing responsibility for both the construction and design of your project with Mid American Construction. Mid American Construction will build your projects as well as design them. Our design team has access to accurate cost information. We have accurate costs based on actual experience which allows us to limit the risks of errors, omissions and costs...