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Project Seiberling Community Learning Center

A Community Learning Center is a facility used by both the school district and the community. When school is not in operation, it will be open for the community’s use for meetings and programs aimed at life-long learning. Seiberling is a new 67,470 square foot center that replaced the recently demolished Seiberling Elementary School built in 1922, creating a new fresh start for 450 children and “Newton” their Mascot.

Mid American Construction’s role as the General Contractors was to coordinate with the owner, construction manager, other prime contractors and subcontractors to deliver Seiberling Community Learning center on schedule and on time for the winter break of 2013.

Project Statistics

Location Akron, Ohio
Total Cost $6,900,000
Total Square Feet 67,470
Completion Date April 2012 – October 2013
Architect Robert P. Madison International
Contact 216-861-8195

Project Features

        • Repositioning
          Goodyear Middle School came home to the kids of the old Seiberling Elementary. Seiberling Community Learning Center came to the rescue from overcrowding at the Goodyear when there was a dire need for a new school.

        • Giving a hoot!
          The school district held a vote on whether to keep the green patina or a new shinny copper finish for their mascot “Newton”. The vote was 57 to 42 to keep Newton’s well deserved green patina. We had hired local artist John Comunale to restore Newton and to keep Newton as the showpiece of the Seiberling school.

        • LEEDS silver school
          The Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System is an independent certification program that provides voluntary guidelines for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings.

  • Two levels
  • Geothermal Well Field
  • 1 of 34 – Community Learning Centers in Akron
  • LEED Silver – 96% construction waste redirected from landfills