Project East Clark K-8 School

The original 111 year old school was demolished and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District purchased 21 properties for the East Clark K-8 School and its 450 students.

The project had a severely shortened schedule due to problems with property acquisition, yet Mid American Construction finished the school two months before the original scheduled completion date.

Project Statistics

Location Cleveland, Ohio
Total Cost $6,350,400
Total Square Feet 64,000
Completion Date June 2009
Architect Cleveland Educational Design Alliance
Contact 440-269-2266

Project Features

    • Fast track schedule
      This project called for a fast track schedule so the students could enjoy the addition without being disturbed over a long period of time.

    • Ample natural light
      A natural light environment is provided by the large surrounding windows in the new school structure.

    • Original stone facade
      Mid American Construction was able to salvage the original stone facade from the original structure and incorporate it into the new school building.

  • 64,000 sq. ft.
  • MAC planned and managed project from start to finish
  • Completed on a fast track schedule
  • Building composed of 2 levels
  • Library provides ample natural light for large windows
  • Salvaged original stone facade from previous school